Artist Statement

My practice is very varied; I completed a BA(Hons) in Fashion and Textiles at St Martin’s School of Art and worked in the fashion industry for several years in London before relocating to Leicestershire and training as a teacher. I completed a Fine Art MA at Nottingham University in 2007. During my MA, I used drawing and mixed media to explore ideas about relationships in the post modern world. I am interested in the figure and its link between fashion and fine art. Pattern pieces and stitching for me represent the shapes and contours that describe the body and how relationships are often a series of pieces held together by many fragile threads.

‘Contours’ – Paper, graphite, collage, freehand machine stitching.

Since completing my MA I have continued to work with the figure and have worked collaboratively with a dancer. I have produced Installations, sound pieces and mixed-media Textiles pieces for an event in Leeds called ‘Yours Frankly”. Over the years I have experimented with a broad range of media and techniques from sewing to ceramics. Through teaching I have learnt to breakdown the traditional barriers between disciplines and developed my love of drawing which is almost always the starting point for my work.

Section of ‘Yours Frankly’ Installation, The Loft, Leeds.

My recent practice has been based on ‘Objects and Artefacts’ and relates to working with The Harborough Museum. During a series of workshops I explored both The Hallaton Treasure and the broad range of exhibits on show at the museum; many of which reflect local craft industries like The Harborough Rubber Factory, The Symingtons Corset Manufacturing and vintage household objects. This work coincided with the recent economic downfall and the so called ‘Credit Crunch’ both of which have influenced the work. I developed a body of work based on everyday objects, found materials, re-cycling and collage and stitch. I looked at everyday objects and considered “what is an artefact” and “when do everyday objects become artefacts”. I continue as always to use drawing as the underpinning element of my practice and like to explore different ways of drawing using,carbon paper, wire and scissors. Issues to do with culture, the loss of skills and crafts and the overwhelming impact of mass-production also feature in this work.

‘Under-Foot’ – Mixed-media collage and freehand stitching

I work as a lecturer, part time on The De Montfort University Art and Design Foundation course, maintain my own practice, teach individuals and run workshops in both Art and Textiles.


  • The Leicester Society of Artists
  • Northampton Open Studies
  • Harborough Artist Cluster Group (Art Windows co-ordinator

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